5 Things to Do on a Snow Day at Our Condos in Gatlinburg for Rent

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BY Highlands 2016-08-08 05:43:15 TRAVEL
While Gatlinburg, Tennessee is not known for getting a ton of snow, there is a chance that you will see some fresh powder during your winter vacation. Whether it only flurries or a few inches stick to the ground, a snow day is a great opportunity to enjoy some fun at our condo complex. To help you make the most of your getaway, The Highlands has put together a guide to some of our favorite things to do at our condos in Gatlinburg for rent when it snows.

1. Bake the Day Away

Baking cookies or brownies is always a popular snow day activity - especially if you’re vacationing with kids! All of our condos come with fully furnished kitchens, so preparing some sweet treats will be a snap. You’ll find everything you need for a day of cooking in your kitchen cupboard, including silverware, cups, plates, pots, pans, and more. Just be sure to bring ingredients from home, or to pick some up on your way to Gatlinburg. In addition to desserts, other excellent snow day snacks include grilled cheese, tomato soup, and hot chocolate.

2. Warm Up in the Sauna

Nothing is better than a trip to the sauna on a chilly day! The Highlands is home to two saunas, so you can stay nice and toasty as the snow falls outside. For another delightful way to stay warm, check out our indoor hot tub. These resort amenities are available to to all of the guests at our complex. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit! (See Also: 6 Tips for Taking a Winter Vacation at Our Gatlinburg Luxury Condo Rentals)

3. Play Board Games Beside the Fireplace

Your condo’s native stone fireplace provides the perfect ambiance for an afternoon of family fun. Bring your favorite board games from home, and let the fire warm you as you play Monopoly, Risk, Sorry!, or another classic. After the kids have gone to bed, parents can enjoy cuddling in front of the fire with a glass of wine or champagne.

4. Enjoy a Soak in the Whirlpool Tub

Many of our condos in Gatlinburg for rent come with jetted whirlpool tubs, so you can indulge in a nice relaxing soak during your snow day. Light some candles, put on some music, and kick back for a soothing bath. Spending some time in your private tub is also perfect for anyone who is a little sore after hiking in the national park.

5. Take Winter Photographs

The Highlands offer some of the most breathtaking views in all of Gatlinburg! From our condo complex, you can see a broad stretch of the majestic Smoky Mountains, including Mount LeConte, the tallest peak in the state of Tennessee. During your snow day, take advantage of your unique vantage point to capture the snow covered scenery with your camera. Stand outside on your condo’s private balcony and snap a few pictures of the winter wonderland all around you. The snowy mountain backdrop is also ideal for family photos. Why not take a beautiful picture for next year’s Christmas card? To start planning your winter getaway, check out our complete selection of condos in Gatlinburg for rent!